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Circle D Licensed Distributor

In 1987, the industry standard for aerodynamics and quality shifted was raised with the introduction of Circle D’s patented design. Today, Circle D continues to lead the competition with quality packed into every square inch of their horse, stock, stock-combo, multipurpose, and flatbed trailers. Circle D Trailers are, by far, the finest quality trailers on the road today.

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Cowboy Joe Trailers was established in 2013 as a small family business we sell quality  horse, livestock, flatbed trailers and pickup flatbeds.  In September 2014, we became an authorized Circle D licensed dealer.  In addition to trailers, we offer reconditioning services to extend the life of the trailer you already own.

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Do you need your brakes and bearings checked?  Is your paint chipping? Window and door seals need replaced? Lights? carpeting? Bootbox?  Is there a side panel with a sharp edge? Have you found your saddle racks are losing their hold? These issues and more are no problem for our restoration team!

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