Used trailers coming soon 5/30/21

2000 Exiss 3 horse with LQ LQ will need some cosmetic work. We still need to take a good look at what needs done before we price, keep an eye on our site will hopefully have it listed by the end of the week.

2004 TW 4 horse, needs a little work but we hope to have it listed by the end of the week as well.

the next 3 Circle D trailers are sold, if you are looking for a new trailer, give us a call to see what we have on order. We cannot guarantee a delivery date nor a final price at this time but we can give you a ballpark figure.

The price of Truckbeds has gone up 25% so we are trying to decide if we are going to get a load this year, if you are interested we are guessing $2500 a piece for the SD model with side rails (no dually beds) and pre wired. If you are looking and would pay this price let us know as we will take this into account when making our final decision on this order, but need to make it soon.